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Entry #3

red ring of death

2010-08-07 03:03:42 by pwnagesince1337

yeah my 360 got the red ring of death 3 times soo it sux good news is i tried the towel trick good as new!!!! =D HOORAY FOR TOWELS =3 no thats not my 360 in the picture

red ring of death


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2010-08-07 06:07:15


pwnagesince1337 responds:



2010-08-07 15:40:19

And that's why you should buy a PS3 or a Wii. I prefer the latter. The 360 is just a jumbled mess of a console which could RROD itself any minute.

pwnagesince1337 responds:

true but first of all i can only afford a 360 and no matter what its games are still fun X3